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Our project BDO, starts with the machinimation of a fainting robot—an automated, virtual being (a player in a game) losing consciousness and falling into the actual world. With this project, we’re playing with a formal investigation—the putting together of different media from machinima animation, architectural and character modeling, to shooting of live action sequences. The script is in development this summer and what we are checking out here is different modalities of storytelling.

So what does this mean—different modalities of storytelling.

The first place we are looking is temporality—the nature of simultaneity of action/event in the landscape of a narrative. There is the time of something, the place of something, and its depth, the “z” line through the model, which in a sense is the charting of connectivity.

The QuickTime clips and animation stills you see here on the site are not the piece itself, but a demo created for the conference Media Transition 4: the Work of Stories, at MIT, that took place in Cambridge, MA May 6-8, 2005.

The idea with the presentation was to show machinima tools in a real-time demo, so people could get a sense of the unlimited camera action and multi-player sensibility of working with this software as animation tool. The main points of the demo are pretty straightforward:demo screen capture

You can control the character movement
You can move the camera
You can make a movie

Beth Coleman is writing the script for BDO. Howard Goldkrand and Dana Torop designed the machinima play for the May demo, setting the characters in a terrain, choreographing the shootouts and underwater ballet. From Sven the s/m leather queen tour infinite forest, all the characters and the context are machinima shareware. We are using third party software created by Fountainhead Entertainment software and very generously shared with us for the purpose of this demonstration.

Further credit goes to the following:

Quake III Arena by Id Software
Machinimation by Fountainhead Entertainment

LDAQ3A05CTF and LDAQ3A05T by Lee David Ash

Attorney by Todd Gantzler w/.bips by Paul Steed
MisterPhono by Michael "Skullhead" Cote
Nella by David "FragCow" Coen
Sven by Mikael "Gummo" Bomark
Blaster by Fountainhead Entertainment